“I Support Fast & Female” Trucker Hat

“I Support Fast & Female” Trucker Hat

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Many of our biggest fans are the dads, coaches, husbands, boyfriends, brothers and friends who believe in the value of our mission: keeping girls healthy, happy and active. We appreciate the entire community of people working to understand why girls quit sports more frequently than boys and do something about it. 

This trucker hat is a perfect way for everyone to show their support for Fast & Female!

Here are our top 3 Calls to Action for keeping girls in sports:

 1. Take responsibility for fostering a safe and positive team culture.

Safety first: follow the "Rule of Two," which means ensuring the coach is never alone or out of sight with your child. For a positive team culture, encourage rituals like fist-bumps, carpooling, cheers, wearing team spirit gear and going out to eat as a team.   

 2. Kids don’t need medals, they need models. Role models.

Draw attention to female athletes in the news, your community, family and social circles who have great attitudes. 

 3. Keep our girls off the bench! Avoiding injuries and eating disorders is key.

Educate yourself and your athletes about injury prevention methods, such as stretching, strength-training, balance and plyometric training. Educate yourself and others about healthy eating and fueling practices.  


*No returns or exchanges, unless you have a very compelling story.  Fast and Female is a non-profit organization and does not have the staff and capacity to process refunds or returns.*